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What you should do

Life in the hospital, like all life in a community, cannot be considered without respecting a few rules that aim to make everyone’s stay as pleasant as possible. Here are a few that we think are useful to remind you:

The Rules of Living

We invite you to respect actions that aim to guarantee hygiene, mutual respect and the quality of life together.

  • Do not hinder the proper functioning of services for the organization of care, treatment and examinations, respecting the instructions of doctors and paramedical and administrative staff.
  • It is essential to establish healthy and respectful relationships with others (staff, other patients and users)
  • Take care not to disturb other users: respect the schedules and the number of visitors, avoid noisy conversations, moderate the sound of cell phones and televisions. Respect the isolation recommended in certain cases (avoid coming and going, reducing the number of visitors).
  • The patient is asked not to take any personal treatment without first informing the doctor in the department.
  • Respect hospital hygiene rules to limit the risk of infection.
  • Do not damage the premises, equipment and public spaces available to you.
  • Apply the non-smoking, fire safety and parking instructions.
  • The introduction of objects or products dangerous, illegal or harmful to health is prohibited.
  • Medical recommendations and treatments must be strictly observed.
  • The highway code applies to the hospital: the speed is limited to 30km / h, obey the signs and the places reserved for ambulances, disabled people and certain personnel.

Strict compliance with these rules and instructions would help us make your stay pleasant and brief within our institution..

On the other hand, in the event of a serious breach of these rules, a disciplinary exit measure will be pronounced if your behavior or your dress went against these provisions. Thank you !

Respect for hygiene rules

Hygiene in the hospital is part of care: caregivers and patients contribute to the quality of care. Hand hygiene is essential in preventing the transmission of germs that can cause infections associated with care, nosocomial diseases.

You can participate in this prevention yourself by:

  • Washing your hands: after using the bathroom, before eating, before leaving your room. Hand washing will be replaced by rubbing with a hydro-alcoholic product in certain situations (carriage or infection with multi-resistant bacteria, infectious pathology).
  • By taking a shower a day. This personal hygiene should be reinforced before any surgery. The nursing staff will inform you about these preoperative hygiene rules.

Regarding your visitors, it is recommended that they:

  • do not come too many;
  • avoid bringing small children;
  • To rub their hands with a hydro-alcoholic product before and after their visit in order to avoid the manual transmission (by the hands) of germs
  • Not to enter care areas if they have a respiratory tract disease (flu, etc.) or a communicable one.
  • To respect the cleanliness of the premises and to use the bins for their waste
  • To respect the additional precautions also called isolation measures (avoid coming and going, limiting the number of visitors, using a hydro-alcoholic product for hand hygiene, etc.) which can be implemented to better control the risk of spreading germs to other patients and staff.
  • Not to bring potted plants or cut flowers.
  • Avoid sitting on the sick bed